About This Website

Welcome to Diet Your Place.

I hope you are enjoying and reading well about dieting and weight loss. I am writing this purely based on my experience as well with some knowledge that I learned during my diet and weight loss experience.

As for this website, this website is focused on how you can lose weight and diet properly without learning complicated things before starting your diet.

I was actually pretty fat before but as I started on my diet and weight loss journey, I made mistakes and learned from them quite a lot. I know the frustration of not losing weight at times, how fat I look, and most things related to our appearance. However I started to understand that although appearance may be important, health is the utmost importance.

I managed to lose around 30 Kilos/ 66 Pounds with determination and by never giving up. I hope the knowledge and the tips I can show will be helpful to you.

I wish you good luck on losing weight!